Is the Peace Corps a development organization or a cultural exchange program? This question was posed to all of us by our Country Director on our first day of training and the answer is inevitably both.

The mission of the Peace Corps includes the promotion of world peace and friendship. For any individuals, children, or families interested in becoming involved in the achievement of this mission, I have compiled a wish list of useful items:

1) A letter from a child to a child (please include…sender’s name(s), age(s), grade(s), message to an international friend and description of self, your mailing address (consider also including a US map with your location starred), your Email) You can scan and email this directly to me at sjbyce@yahoo.com for faster responses!!
2) Books (for all ages and levels, however especially children’s storybooks and learning-to-read books)
3) Educational Toys (appropriate for babies thru middle school students)
4) Any other items related to education or unique to American culture
5) Donate to current Peace Corps Volunteer projects! Peruse the website: donate.peacecorps.gov and contribute to a project that sparks your interest.


Please address any letters or packages to:
Sarah Jean Byce, Peace Corps Volunteer
OPAG Office of the Provincial Government
Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines 5505

Please email or comment with the tracking number of any large packages. Mail to and from the Philippines is rather unpredictable. Some letters appear in a matter of weeks while others take months with no discernible pattern. Whenever possible, I will try to send replies from the recipients of your letters and gifts.

4 thoughts on “Wishlist”

  1. Hi Sarah Jean. I would not rely on the snail mail in the Philippines. I would encourage kids here in the US to send an email to YOU, instead…addressed to a kids their age -then YOU can link two kids as penpals (printing the email for the Filipino child, and scanning that child’s letter for the American counterpart. We can do this together, if you want. I’ll get some kids here to penpal with your kids there. But young kids need IMMEDIATE feedback. It will be hard for them to wait for months — a few weeks for their letter to reach the Philippines, then the reply would take a few weeks to arrive in the US as well. Interests would have dissipated by the time the sender reach the recipient. Anyway, let’s talk more about this.

      1. When are you leaving for DC? Can we set up the penpal project with students in Manila? (Romblon High School students and Manila HS students?). First, let’s plan the details. we can have the penpal for younger kids, too in my program here in MA. Pero Sept pa ang class opening.

      2. I will be in DC for October 4-10. Yes! I would absolutely like to set up penpal projects and will definitely be contacting the schools here in Romblon as well as schools from my home in Pennsylvania (I also plan to visit home while I am in the States). Let’s coordinate via email so you can help me to connect with Manila schools too.

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