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Community Project

Bottle benches
153 plastic bottles 45,900 pieces of trash
The finished product
The finished product.

How do you reuse waste and also benefit the community? Before leaving Sabang, we helped to improve the community park including adding a tetherball, painting the swings and playground, and building two park benches. These benches contain a total of 153 plastic bottles stuffed with approximately 45,900 pieces of trash including newspaper, cardboard, plastic wrappers, magazines, shampoo wrappers, even a shoe. The bottles were collected by the community and trash was both donated from households and collected off of the beach. Local school children worked hard to stuff all of the bottles, while adult community members assisted with the building of the benches. Everyone enjoyed stamping their handprints on our finished product. Consider building a bottle bench in your own community!

Learning about reef fish on a bottle bench built by last year's batch of Peace Corps volunteers
Learning about reef fish on a bottle bench built by last year’s batch of Peace Corps volunteers

Welcome to my home…

Here is a link to the movie I made with the help of my host family for our tagalog language class.

Every morning (except on Sundays – my one free day) I have language class from 8am until 12pm. It is a class of 4 students with my amazing Filipino language instructor Eva. Tagalog is the most widely spoken language here in the Philippines, however there are ~170 different dialects depending on where in the country you are located. The Peace Corps facilitates intensive Tagalog language classes for all volunteers here in the Philippines during initial training. In September when I find out my permanent site, I will also receive a one week crash course in whatever dialect is prominent in my new location. Tagalog itself has a strong Spanish influence (the Philippines was a Spanish colony for 300+ years) and some adopted English words as well with a unique Filipino spelling. For example…

Nurse –> Nars

Airplane –> Eroplano

Cuarto (Spanish for bedroom) –> Kuwarto

Here is the script from the movie link. See if you can guess what I am saying…

Ito ang aming sala. Pakipatay po ang ilaw, Tita Rose. Salamat po. Pasok kayo sa kwarto ko. Malambot ang kama ko. Mahalaga bentilador ko kasi mainit dito Pilipinas. Dito ko inilalagay ang mga damit ko. Dito ang aming kusina. Dito kami nagluluto at ito ang gripo. Dito kami kumakain nang masarap na pagkain at umiinom tubig. Weniel, nasaan ang CR?