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The following are some holiday haikus that I wrote just before Christmas. I also wrote Tagalog versions of each poem, printed them out on nice holiday paper and distributed them as a Christmas present with some small candies to my various friends here in the Philippines. This present also served as a lesson in American and Japanese culture as people here are unfamiliar with the haiku tradition. However I made a humorous language error when I mailed these poems to my former host family:

I included a small note with the poems explaining the nature of the haiku poem. In the note I said, “Para sa reglas ng Haiku…” meaning to say “according to the rules of the Haiku…” I only later found out that the word ‘regla’, which means ‘rule’ or plural ‘rules’ in Spanish, translates to “menstruation” in Tagalog. I am hoping that my host family will find humor in this error, however I have not yet heard anything back from them.

Below are the English versions of my Haikus. Feel free to comment with Haikus of your own and bonus points to the person who can incorporate holidays and menstruation in a single haiku!

In the Philippines
Simbang gabi and singing
We eat together

In America
Cookies and snow, presents too
Santa Claus will come

Whether Pasko here
Or a Merry Christmas there
We will celebrate

Maligayang Pasko
Merry Christmas to all