The Philippines boasts that they are within the top 10 largest nations on Facebook. I am constantly amazed at how nearly every Filipino I know, has a Facebook account; yet few own their own computer or have regular internet access.

From my home in Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines communication back to the U.S. usually means spending the afternoon sitting in a small café in town with free wifi. Some afternoons seem to last forever as I wait for webpages to load, however on one particularly fast internet day we bridged the 12-hour time difference and my Filipino host family was able to skype with my American family. Ironically, Jean met Jean as both my mothers share the same name.
Filipinos are no stranger to long distance relationships. Many have loved ones working abroad for several years at a time in places like Saudi Arabia and Singapore, in order to send money home and support their families. Facebook Messenger is the easiest means of communication for these long distance families.

Viber and What’s App have also transformed communication for Peace Corps volunteers. These iPhone apps allow free texts and calls through wifi to any phone number worldwide granted the recipient also has the application. So feel free to download the app and place a call to the Philippines!


3 thoughts on “Communication”

  1. Sarah, Camayan Divers would like to thank you for dropping by and doing some dives with us. It was great to hear your amazing stories about the fantastic work you do. We wish you all the best and hope you come back and dive with us again soon. The wrecks miss you……
    Mark. Snr Dive operator manager.

  2. Hey Sarah!

    I couldn’t find anyway to message you privately on here, so I hope this comment gets to you 🙂

    Emily (my wife) and I are currently PCVs in Nicaragua in the TEFL Teaching Training sector, and have been keeping a blog during our last 15 months in country ( We first saw your blog during the PCV Blog it Home Contest (congrats, by the way!), and have been keeping tabs on it since. Yay for technology giving us a platform to share about, reflect on, and connect with others about our PC service 🙂

    I’m writing because I’d love you to contribute something for our blog. I’ve been keeping a Dicho Doce series (Sayings on the Twelfth), cataloguing and sharing some of my favorite Nicaraguan expressions. For the 12th of December I’d like to collect twelve different sayings from 12 different PC posts around the world. The format I’m thinking of is a having each person submit the phrase in the native language, provide a direct American English translation (if possible), and then a short summary of its meaning and the context in which to use it (~100 words). If you have a photo to go with it, that’s even better 🙂

    I know that may not be enough space to do the expression justice, so if you select a phrase you’ve already mentioned on your blog there I’d love to link directly to the full post. We’d love for our family and friends to get a sense of the larger PC community and PCV experience by checking out the featured blogs.

    What do you think? If you’re interested, would you be able to send me something by the end of this month?

    Muchas gracias!

  3. Hello Sarah, Congrads on a great PCV assignment. I’m visiting Sibale island in early April by small boat from Mindoro, and was wondering which coastal area you would recommend on Sibale to snorkel/explore? I know it’s all good, but are there any particularly unique bays or beaches, marine sanctuaries with protected areas? I plan to stay a few days and camp onshore while there. Where would you think is best for that? North, South, East of West coasts? Thank you. Keep up the great work. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your blog. I was a PCV/Nepal decades ago and have lived in the Philippines for almost 20 years, focused on marine conservation and development work here. I have house and boat on the Verde Passage which I love. My email: and by viber 0917 526 3998
    Thank you. Rich Hirsch

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