Home Sweet Home

Buying a home is a major life milestone. While we crossed “getting married” off our life achievements list this year, we are not quite to “buying a home” yet. However, moving into our new 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex rental felt like a milestone in itself.

Our new duplex home in Wilmington, NC

After nearly 10 years of sharing a room or living out of a suitcase this new place feels huge! But, with the help of family and friends our living space has started to look like home.

Don’t venture upstairs though; we have an entire level that we haven’t bothered to use yet. Although, somehow John managed to fit our 11 ft paddleboard up the stairs and into the spare bedroom.

The bookcase in the corner was a homemade weekend project (clearly our home library has space to grow). Next on the list is building a bike rack for indoor storage.

With our long term future still uncertain, renting a home was the best decision. Furthermore, I was pleased to find that GOBankingRates.com’s annual survey of state-by-state costs of renting versus buying a home supported our decision: in North Carolina it is generally cheaper to rent than buy. To find more info about your own state click on their link below:

GOBankingRates Owning vs. Renting

Belated Happy Halloween and Early Happy Thanksgiving from SJ and John Larkins!


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