Solar Eclipse from Above the Clouds

With the sun shining bright overhead, I boarded an airplane departing from Wilmington, North Carolina at one in the afternoon on August 21st, 2017. Our objective was to chase ‘totality,’ the path of total darkness where the moon’s position has aligned to obscure the light from the sun. I tested out my solar eclipse glasses while we flew south.

2:36pm The sun was just a small sliver of light with the round dark moon blocking most of it out, however it was amazing how light the sky still was.

2:40pm The sky turned to dusk and then dark as the moon moved across to block out the face of the sun. On either side we could see a bright horizon, but our plane was directly beneath the moon’s shadow. Looking down we could see pinpoints of light from the city below. A mini night had descended upon us in the mid afternoon and we were chasing it from 26,000ft in the air.

2:46pm Light had returned and we could only see trails of the darkness ahead of us.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 was an incredible phenomenon!


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