Bike Ride Day 2: Ohiopyle to Cumberland

Luckily I did not view our day’s elevation profile before we started the ride. I felt like we were cruising on a flat trail with fairly ideal conditions given our clear sunny skies. That is until we reached the summit and I saw this elevation map:

Notice the red arrow on the map. That marks the summit after we climbed up to that peak from right to left. Next up was the 20 mile descent shown by the sharp drop on the left of the map.

Today featured a 1,414 ft climb over 50 miles followed by a 20 mile 1,787 ft descent. My dad and cousin, weighed down by heavier saddle bags, did take notice, but we all made it up to the top. Then, flying down the final leg of our ride at 18-20 mph into Cumberland was our reward.

Throughout our day I made use of my adventure photography skills for some riding action shots.

We rode over the Salisbury Viaduct, which offered amazing views of the countryside, a passing train, and huge windmills. We also traveled through several tunnels including the Big Savage tunnel, which is the longest tunnel on the trip at 3,300 ft. Finally, we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.

I keep my iPhone handy while riding for playing pump up music and taking selfies from the saddle.

I’ve heard that more people die annually while taking selfies than from shark attacks. Luckily my riding selfie skills served me well today and our biggest scare was a partially fallen tree that literally made a loud crack as we passed underneath. We got out of there fast!

Notice the broken tree above threatening to fall any moment.

After 5 hrs and 22 mins in the saddle, we made it to Cumberland.

Daily mileage: 72 miles


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