Should I bring a camera?

Sometimes it seems like the best moments happen when we are unprepared. When we forget our camera or when our phone dies. Earlier today I was snorkeling and a baby green sea turtle swam pace for pace next to me with a beautiful blue ocean backdrop and perfect lighting as if teasing me for being unprepared.

Do you think you are more aware of your surroundings with or without a camera?

Perhaps I would have missed the baby sea turtle today if I had brought my GoPro. Instead of looking around maybe I would have been photographing an anemone on the seafloor at that exact moment. However, sometimes simply having a camera inspires funny and goofy moments for no other purpose than to take a picture. Working on Bonaire with a coral reef in my backyard it is relatively easy to create a beautiful photo, but I have to thank my co-workers for the entertaining memories that go with them.

Biking with CIEE interns Maddie Emms and Martijn

We rode our bikes to “1000 Steps” a famous snorkel spot on Bonaire with rocky stairs and cliff jumping.

In the water at “1000 Steps” with Maddie Emms

The following two photos were definitely camera-inspired. The next time you are taking a group photo I challenge you to play “Lion Face, Lemon Face”. Repeat this saying several times back-to-back for a series of hilarious photos.

Luckily, the CIEE Admin Team shared our sense of humor. Otherwise the 2017 version of our Staff Handbook would probably contain an amendment: You should not look like a lion or a lemon for your staff photo.


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