Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


I celebrated my Christmas holiday with a wedding! Sugar Famero, my host sister, lives and works in Singapore but is home for the holidays and with enough time for a wedding. The newly wed couple met while mountain climbing in Malaysia.

I was a bit surprised to find a pig’s head at my usual seat at the dinner table!

Lechon, or roasted pig, is a Filipino food traditional too large celebrations and so this pig’s head found its way to our table for a post-wedding and Christmas feast! Two days before I remember opening the refrigerator door and finding pig’s hooves in the freezer.

Missing from the picture are Mommy Jean and Daddy Bar in the front seat and Kuya Nono and Ate Ling-Ling who preferred to take a motor bike.

The day after the wedding our entire family piled into a van and we rode to Binocot Beach for swimming, picnic and games.


I ride my bike to this beach (about an hour’s ride) nearly once every week or two for work. And so the repetition made the sight familiar and less exciting. I loved driving there with my host family who are lucky to visit this place once a year. Their oooos and ahhhhh as we crossed a picturesque river and first glimpsed the beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water brought back all of its magic!

It’s funny how sometimes the visitors to a place end up seeing more of the sites than the locals. I mentioned to my family that I have never been to New York City and they were shocked.

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