Happy Halloween

Halloween paper lanterns: Just decorate a brown paper bag and place a candle inside.

TrIcK oR tReAt!!!

Unfortunately, Filipino children do not know the excitement of running amuck in one’s neighborhood clad in witch, zombie or vampire costumes and collecting so much candy that you have to sort through a personal mountain in your home living room, while fending off siblings who want to steal all the snickers bars from your loot!

Halloween is celebrated on November 1st in the Philippines as All Saint’s Day. Tradition here is to visit the cemetery with your family to respect the graves of deceased relatives.

I promised the Famero children a Halloween celebration. Although I could not rope all the neighbors into handing out candy, we made paper lanterns and had a toilet paper mummy costume competition. Still a successful holiday!

Mummies Maxine, Zyrex & Coco


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I would like to know if any paper bags lit on fire during this activity??? hahaha – a candle in a paper bag seems a bit more hazardous than a candle in a pumpkin!

    We had a Halloween party in my office and one of the activities we did was “Face the Cookie.” Check it out! You should play this game next with the Famero kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLvLVL_rfD4

    1. No fires however when I first arrived Peace Corps issued us all a fire alarm to have installed in our host family’s house. My family laughed at me as if to say what would we do with that?!

      I love the cookie on the face game!!! I have seen that video and played at the very first camp I ever worked for. Good suggestions maybe we’ll add it in to our Christmas activity night!

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