Story time with kids and sea turtles!!!

“Hi I’m Xyrex. I’m 4 years old and I am learning to speak and read in English by pointing to photos and asking for a translation. My favorite English word is ‘Elephant,’ just like ‘Elephante’ in Tagalog!”

Several months ago a huge box (large enough to fit me instead!) arrived at the Libertad Daycare in Odiongan, Romblon Philippines. It felt like Christmas as 400 storybooks including Dr. Suess, Goodnight Moon and Itsy Bitsy Spider were unpacked and placed on the brand new book shelf installed in the new reading corner of the day care.

The Daycare Reading Corner!!
The Daycare Reading Corner!! And there are even more books not shown in this photo!!!

Our Santa Claus was Pinoy Reading Buddies or PRB, an initiative that promotes engaged reading and  spreading literacy through a buddy mentoring system. They generously mailed us a shipment of storybooks for beginning readers. Check out there website and get involved!!

This past Friday, I visited the daycare for a read-a-loud storytelling. The 15 preschoolers, who made it to class despite the heavy rain and soggy roads of the rainy season, learned about the life cycle of a sea turtle in One Tiny Turtle by Nicole Davies.

Story time with sea turtles
Story time with sea turtles

I even brought a pretend baby turtle to demonstrate what it is like inside a sea turtle egg!

Inside a sea turtle egg for the visual learner
Inside a turtle’s egg for the visual learner.

Now I am hoping to make story time a regular activity with a different theme each week!


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