Coron and Cuttlefish

Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan

Palawan, Philippines is known worldwide as an amazing dive location. While visiting Coron I dove 4 different WWII wrecks and also saw an abundance of marine life including my first cuttlefish!


The Cuttlefish is a mollusk, meaning it has a soft, squishy body, and more specifically a cephalopod related to squid and octopus. This cuttlefish was rapidly changing color almost like waves rippling over its body, due to specialized cells called chromatophores, which allow it to change color. Cuttlefish and other cephalopods also have highly developed eyes and relatively large brains.

Wreck diving

Sea cucumber
Sea cucumber

I found this sea cucumber while diving at my site. It is an echinoderm, due to its spiny skin and tube feet, related to seastars and sea urchins. April and May are the summer months here in the Philippines, which also means that the ocean water is calm and perfect for SCUBA diving. Next month and during the summer I will be working with my office to survey the reefs in Romblon…more diving!

2 thoughts on “Coron and Cuttlefish”

    1. The cuttlefish we saw was a bit larger than a basketball! They change colors for camouflage and even communication through specialized skin cells called chromatophores. Other species of fish also have chromatophores. I’ve watcher grouper dramatically alter their shade based on surroundings, but the cuttlefish is the master!

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