Host Family

With my host mom Irajean Famero or Mommy Jean
With my host mom Irajean Famero or Mommy Jean

My host family here is Romblon is absolutely wonderful! My host mom who coincidentally shares the same name, Jean, as my mother in the States, is a retired school teacher. Together with her husband, Daddy Barry, they have 5 grown children. Two of which live here in Odiongan with their own families.

We had a special dinner last week with three representatives from the Peace Corps office who visited us in our home. Below is a photo of our family and the wonderful feast they prepared for our guests.

The Famero Family
The Famero Family

Later that evening I had the first showing of a family video entitled, “Ang Gabi ng Pamilya Famero” or “An Evening with the Famero Family.” I have been trying unsuccessfully to load the video to youtube, however a slow internet connection has hindered my progress. Keep watching my blog and hopefully soon!

Sharing the family video in our living room
Sharing the family video in our living room

2 thoughts on “Host Family”

  1. Coolio – can’t wait to see that video! Great looking family, those Fameros! Do they only speak Tagalog when they are all together? Do they ever play games in the evening (board games or card games), or do people do their own thing (read or computer or whatever), or what does a family do when they are at home together when they are not doing housework?

  2. Most Filipino families are addicted to soap operas! I haven’t watched any tv since coming here, way to busy, but that is easily the most standard evening activity. The shows are in Tagalog but many commercials are in English. I asked a Filipino about this and apparently some things would take to long to say in Tagalog and English is easier. I don’t want to spoil my movie so you can wait and see exactly what we do in the evenings. I did bring uno cards with me as a gift to my family and they are a huge hit among the kids!

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