I have moved in with my host family in Sabang, Morong, Bataan. And my Tita Rose is really sweet and cooks amazing Filipino food. There is no internet in Sabang, so my updates will be few and far between until I transfer to my permanent site in late September. I still do not know where I will be placed but am hoping to utilize my technical skills in the water. I have been snorkeling just off the beach in Sabang and the marine life here is incredible! At the moment I am sitting in a large mall, impressive even when compared to those frequented in the States, utilizing Starbucks internet. In Sabang, population ~6,000, Starbucks itself is a novelty and life is much simpler. I am extremely fortunate as Tita Rose speaks wonderful English and has a very nice home, in which I have my own room. Each morning I have Tagalog language class a few steps from the beach and in the afternoon we do technical training sessions. Today we visited a large fish market to learn what types of fish are sold as well as the local names and relative prices. Tonight will be a fish fry dinner!


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