Typhoon Glenda

The Philippines gets hit with an average of 20+ typhoons every year. Glenda which hit earlier this week was my first with promise of several more throughout my time here. Following such storms brown outs (loss of electricity) are common due to down power lines. With the loss of power comes the loss of water. Currently, at our training center we have regained power but are still operating without running water meaning we collect rain water, take bucket showers, and conserve as much as possible. Fresh drinking water is brought in in jugs. This typhoon hit metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines, especially hard. I heard rumors of incredible traffic due to traffic light outages. The roads at our training center were completely covered with debris and we had numerous trees down. The photos below were taken during the calm period of the typhoon eye, thus imagine double the debris picture at the end. To help clean up we used sticks and branches as brooms/shovels to push leaves and sticks of the road. The larger trees had to be tackled with saws and teamwork.



Here is a link with some nationwide photos of the effects: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/370527/news/specialreports/in-pictures-typhoon-glenda-whips-through-luzon


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