My journey to the Philippines began at 4am on the 4th of July out of Pittsburgh, onward to  Minneapolis, overnight in Los Angeles (I was born here 24 years ago and this is my first time back), through the bustle of Tokyo, and finally landing in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, named after a species of mangrove (the Philippines have 40+ different mangrove species compared to the 3 found in Florida). 

The next 3 months of training promise to be intense with full days of language, culture, and coastal resource training and little free time. I will do my best to regularly post updates and share the knowledge I gain along the way. Many thanks to my Canadian friend Nikki Karn for this link to fun facts about the Philippines:

Check out the photo of me in the airport, equipped with my ukulele (which I did play walking through the airport) and my bike helmet (which fit better on my head than in my suitcase).



2 thoughts on “Departure!!!”

  1. Best of luck SJ!! I cannot wait to follow along with your adventures! You are going to have such a great time. You are such an inspiration 🙂

  2. hahaha the bike helmet and the ukulele are clutch! when you have a minute, watch this uke video…maybe you’ll be this good by the next time I see you:

    hope all goes well these first few months of training…looking forward to following along on your blog 🙂

    ps. when you know your new mailing address, post it so I can send you something!! I got your little note in the mail yesterday – thanks buddy!

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